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Our Services

  • Business Consultancy

    We are known for customer focus, strong relationships, objectivity and generating results. Our business consultants are highly experienced in both private and public sectors and apply tremendous knowledge of both. Our clients are based in the UK and internationally and include commercial businesses, public sector agencies, universities, colleges, not for profit companies, social enterprises and charities.

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  • IT Consultancy

    We are dedicated to providing a broad range of enterprise level services and support to businesses that are looking to increase productivity and profitability. We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation for providing pro-active, efficient, cost-effective IT Support and IT Services with a personalised level of service which cannot be matched by our bigger competitors.

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  • Green Technology

    Green technology, also known as environmentally friendly technology uses science to safeguard the natural environment and resources as well as reducing the human impact on the Earth. We go a step further and provide Effective, low cost, intelligent heating for homes and businesses using Infrared Heating.

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